Sneaky SEO Mistakes That Can Sabotage Your Property Management Website

Follow these tips to make sure your property management website is not being dragged down

To make sure you are taking full advantage of your property management website, check out these common SEO mistakes and see how you can fix them!

With your property management business's website, whether it's new or old, optimization is necessary if you want to reap any real rewards (traffic from property owners!).

Search engine optimization allows the content on your website to be found on search engines like Google. Whether you are writing about your services or common Landlord problems. The issue is that people are focusing so heavily on optimization that they aren't noticing when their SEO efforts are sabotaging their site.

It seems like a rookie mistake, but you'd be surprised how often this happens on established PM sites. There are so many different layers to optimization that it is easy to get wrapped up into trying to get everything right. Several simple mistakes can cripple your efforts to rank and gain organic traffic, ultimately killing the main purpose your site.

Not Checking Your Privacy Settings

It sounds simple, but you'd be surprised how many people don't so this. It costs quite a bit to build and optimize a site, so many business owners are doing it themselves. There is nothing wrong with this, but sometimes they don't have their Privacy Settings on "visible to everyone." Anything other than "visible to everyone" will hurt traffic and SERPs. You want people to find your content, and you need to let the search engines know it.

Using Meta Keywords

Using meta keywords is like giving your competitors a easy list of your best keywords (or search phrases) that you are targeting. Don't do it. Your primary page keywords are for your page, and that is where they should stay. That meta keywords do not count toward Google search engine rankings has long been disputed; many people still think they do, but that is not the case. They do not help SEO anymore.

Not Using The "Skyscraper" Technique

If you want to rank, then you must create a skyscraper. Here's what you do. Google your primary keyword or phrase. Read the top three SERPs and take note of how long they are and the content on these pages. Now, create a piece that is longer, more in-depth and more concise. Add something that they don't have, perhaps an infographic or scholarly research. That is skyscraping.

This is an amazing content marketing idea, and by building more in-depth, more helpful content that answers the right questions better than your competitors, you will stand out over time.


Your piece will now be competing for one of those three spots. If it is well-written it will probably take a little time, but it will be worth it, and it may even earn you a few backlinks in the process. Backlinking for property managers is a more advanced topic we will cover in the future.

Not Caring About Your Websites User Experience

So, you have this awesome property management site right, and you have taken the time to create some fantastic content to post on it. You've done your keyword research, made sure that the pages load fast and included your call-to-action. So what is the issue? Your content should be converting better, right?


First, your page needs to be aesthetically pleasing. Don't post bright white writing on a bold blue background; it's off-putting. You need to ensure that your page is inviting and pleasant to the eye. You also need to make sure that the content is broken up with plenty of space, subheadings, and lists (like on this blog post). People like to scan material. Not everybody takes the time to read every word, and sometimes they may save the page to come back to it.

People get so busy optimizing their content that they think that great content will rank high and automatically go viral, bringing them more leads. It doesn't work that way. You must promote your content, preferably using a strategy for doing it on social media and in other places. There are a thousand and one ways to support your content, but the point is, don't forget to do it. The search engines will not do it for you.

If you have any questions about these strategies for your property management company, get in touch with Goodjuju. We can advise you for free on these important website tactics to make sure your website is being setup properly.

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