Your Property Management Website Should Be Acting as Your Best Salesman 24/7

We build stunning property management websites that generate leads and help companies grow on auto-pilot

Our Websites Kick Ass and Take Names (AKA Leads)

Sleek, modern, and optimized to generate property owner leads

Modern Design

If your website looks like it was built 5-10 years ago, good luck convincing any visitors that you are on the cutting edge of PM. Our designs are top-of-the-line and ensure that you make a great first impression.

Fast as a Fox

From the website platform that we use, to our hosting and optimization of all site file sizes, our websites are responsive and quick. Site speed is an SEO factor, and it makes people enjoy browsing your site. Let's just say a fast site is important.

You Can Edit too

On our website editor platform, we'll provide you with user login credentials that you can use in the future to make your own changes if you are a hands on type of person, or maybe you have a brother who is a computer nerd.


You don't want a cookie cutter website that looks like everyone else in your city. Showing your brands personality goes a long way. We integrate your personal style, city, and brand to make sure that you stand out from your competition.

Invoke Trust

When people land on your site and look around, their trust in you and your brand should be increasing! We use proven psychological sales trust principles to make sure rental owners browsing your site feel warm and fuzzy.

Appfolio, Buildium etc

Your property management software will integrate easily with our site. Buildium, Propertyware, Appfolio, you name it. We can integrate your current property management software right into your website smoothly.

Lead Generating

Your websites #1 goal should be turning property owners into leads who will get in touch. We strategically build this into your website so property owners can easily take action and become a hot lead that will turn into a new client for you.

Drag and Drop

Our websites are built on a fully customizable platform which makes it possible for us to drag and drop pictures, videos, and icons.. We can position and size them easily to get your design just right. Only perfect is acceptable.

Fully Secure

When people are browsing online, they want to know that their information is safe and secure. Our websites are fully HTTPS compliant and ensure that anyone visiting your website will feel safe and protected from the world wide web.

2005 Just Called, They Want Their Website Back

Having an old outdated website is costing you $1,000's

Old, boring, boxy, clunky

Sleek, personalized, intriguing, mobile

(We'll record a custom video analysis and email it to you!)

We Get Property Managers Results

Hear how we have helped Seth with Five Seasons Property Management to transform his business.

About Our Unique Website Design Approach

We're Not Your Typical Marketing Agency

We Only Work With Property Managers

Most web designers and marketing companies work with anyone who will hire them. How can they truly specialize in what works for property management company websites, marketing, and strategies? Our focus is one thing - how to get property managers more leads from their websites. We don't work in any other industry, only with property management companies. We specialize in designing modern websites that will help you get more property owner leads and grow your business.

Deeper Market Research and Strategy

The majority of marketers and designers do little research to understand your ideal clientele as a property manager and understand what these ideal clients are looking for when they visit your property management company website. Our approach is different. In addition to our extensive experience with property managers, we know how to do the proper research for your market to make sure you have one of the best websites in your city, if not the best one period.

Optimized For Owner Leads, Not Renter Leads

Our websites are optimized to do one thing - convert traffic into more property management leads. Many marketing companies don't even understand the difference between an owner and tenant lead, but oh boy, we sure do. If you get excited every time you get a lead, only to cringe when you find out it's a tenant lead looking for a property to rent, we are already on the same page. We feel you.

Fast, SEO Optimized, and Mobile

Most websites are either not fast or not optimized for mobile browsers. Ever been on a site and it takes forever to load? Or maybe you were on a website on your phone and it looked like it was from 1998 with no mobile version? Yep, we've seen that too. We make sure that our websites look amazing on all platforms and devices to ensure that search engines like Google prefer your site over others. Not to mention, our sites are amazing when it comes to being fully optimized for search engines

We Love Our Property Manager Clients

They seem pretty happy too!

I cannot describe how happy I am with Goodjuju. They are extremely professional, knowledgeable, very fast with amazing results. I know for fact my website is in the best hands. I cannot recommend them enough. Thank you so very much for making my life easier. Absolute pleasure working with Goodjuju.

- Violeta Staykova

I was contacted by Landon with a presentation for my property management company and I really didn't think much about it because I was already talking with another marketing company at the time. I went ahead and listened to the presentation and was very impressed by what Landon showed me and even more I liked his energy. I also really liked that they specialize in property management and the other firm I was working with didn't really seem to know what our business was or what we needed. I felt like I was training them for what we wanted instead of with Goodjuju it just felt like they already knew what we needed!
I went ahead and took the chance on Goodjuju and I am sure glad I did. Landon and his team was able to take our company from a 2 star rating on Google to an almost 5 star rating in just under 8 months! They have also rebranded our website to a much more user friendly and updated product. We have noticed that we are getting more business and exposure and I attribute that to our reviews and the exposure that Goodjuju has helped us achieve. If you are thinking about investing in marketing I would highly recommend you give them a try! We are very happy with our decision.

- Kerri Ziegler

Superior Designs Come Standard

No nickel and diming. Check out our website products.


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Frequently Asked Questions

How much time does it take to build a website?

The time to have your website fully finished will vary, depending on how extensive your site is. For our most basic websites, we can have them finished in 14-21 days

Do you have different website pricing options?

Absolutely, we have 3 different website pricing options that cover the needs of new companies with smaller budgets to larger companies who need extensive sites. Our most basic websites start at $995

Will you help with the content creation?

Yes, we have a great on-boarding system to get the most critical information about your company and services and then we use that to build out your unique content

Can you integrate my property management software into the website?

Of course! We have integrated with many of the popular property management software's to show rental listings and tenant and owner portal logins.

We've integrated websites with Buildium, Appfolio, Propertyware, Rentmanager, etc

(We'll record a custom video analysis and email it to you!)

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Goodjuju's Mission
Our clients give us the privilege of their trust regarding the digital side of their business. Our mission is to transform their growth and quality of life.
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