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juju is an energy, a vibration. Goodjuju is the energy or vibe from a positive, helpful, and nurturing source. Our team brings a little bit of Goodjuju to property management marketing

Who are we?

We are a team of dedicated marketing nerds who know the property management industry inside and out. Working with property managers across the country every day keeps us in-tune with what is getting results and what isn't

What do we do?

We help property managers grow and get more leads with superior strategies that we test and track constantly. From stunning lead-generating websites, results based local SEO, reputation management, and PPC, we got you covered

Why do we do it?

We are passionate about helping property managers break free from out-dated and inefficient marketing and SEO. We are crazy about keeping up with the latest trends and it makes our day when we see new clients drastic improvements

Meet our passionate property management marketing team

Landon Murie - Founder/Director of Marketing

Landon has been a major web-design and SEO nerd for several years. After utilizing his skills to help his father (a real estate broker) rapidly grow a property management company, he realized a major need in the property management industry and founded Goodjuju. Since then, Goodjuju has either consulted or marketed for 100+ property management companies.


Landon's ongoing obsession over client's results and upward trajectory drives Goodjuju to continuously improve the methods and strategies we use and ensure our clients are winning.

Jivko Stefanov - SEO Accounts Manager

As the SEO accounts manager for Goodjuju, Jivko leads our client’s SEO strategy and execution. Jivko joined Goodjuju in 2019 and has contributed greatly during the emergence of Goodjuju from a start-up, to one of the renowned property management marketing companies.

Jivko's obsession with SEO started when he was 17 years old and 8 years later he is still the same SEO nerd. His favorite things about SEO are working with people and how the search algorithm is all just like a big never-ending game where you have to keep going through obstacles and learning in order to stay ahead. Jivko is always finding new ways to improve Goodjuju's SEO and marketing results, and loves to see clients improvements.

Katie Lukina - Website Designer

Katie is the main web-designer at Goodjuju who just has that special touch that makes our clients websites look stunning and clean. We also call her the "Queen of Animation" because of how she obsesses over making our websites interactive and motion animated for that extra look of professionalism. Katie is thrilled when client's describe their satisfaction with how their website looks, and she loves making a difference in client's online presence.

Roxanne Sargeant - Writer/Content Creator

After working for several local and international marketing companies in different aspects, Roxanne Sargeant started at Goodjuju as an apprentice in early 2020 and now handles much of the content creation and writing at Goodjuju. She is an aspiring SEO Specialist and she is a passionate and an avid reader of all things related to digital marketing. She loves to create in-depth content for Goodjuju and our clients, and loves to see the results of good content. She is married and has one daughter.

Vetted Freelancers - Lots of random tasks

It wouldn't be fair to discount the small army of professional freelancers who help us with random tasks and projects. We are grateful for the professional work they do to help our team and clients be even more efficient and effective.

Your name here? - Awesome Marketer

We are always open to hiring talented marketers and freelancers who display a dedication to their work, results, and always improving and learning. If you are interested in working with Goodjuju, get in touch with us today and learn about any upcoming opportunities or needs!

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Goodjuju's Mission
Our clients give us the privilege of their trust regarding the digital side of their business. Our mission is to transform their growth and quality of life.
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