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Goodjuju's Mission

Our clients give us the privilege of their trust regarding the digital side of their business. Our mission is to transform their growth and quality of life.

We Help Property Managers Get More Leads & Grow Organically

Superior Websites - Proven SEO - Effective Google Ads

"If you aren't getting ahead of your competitors online, you're getting behind"

How Can We Help You Get More Leads and Start Growing?

These three below are imperative to online growth

A Stunning Website

If a property owner lands on your website and it looks like it's from 2003, good luck convincing them that you are on the cutting edge of the property management industry. A sleek, modern design gives an amazing first impression and sparks interest in your company. Owners and investors are looking for the best company to work with, and we know how to make you stand out with our web designs.

Superb SEO and PPC

Your website is basically useless if  potential clients can't see it when they are searching online for local  property managers on Google. Our proven SEO and PPC strategies will help you to rank higher for popular online searches in your city so that you can get more potential clients to visit your website and contact you. We have the best systems, tools, and marketing strategies to make this happen.

Online Reviews & Listings

Property owners and investors rely on reviews and recommendations  online more and more as time goes on. Prospective clients want to know they can depend on a company. They rely on reviews to determine who they should work with. In order to stand out from your local competitors, it's critical to to get reviews from happy clients, be proactive, and of course provide top-notch service.

What Makes Goodjuju Different Than Typical Agencies?

Unique experience, unique perspective

Ready to get more leads and grow?

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Emails Like This Make Our Day!

Too many property management leads is a great problem to have

What is the Best Way to Get Property Management Leads?

Depending on your situation, your goals will be different

Option 1- Forget about marketing (for now)

If you are just starting a property management company or you aren't too interested in growing just yet, you can hold off on doing this and just focus on setting up your business and processes.

  • What you should do: Just network and hustle. Focus on activities that require more time than money

  • Resource for this: Yourself and your time

  • Benefits: Dirt Cheap

  • Negatives: Takes a lot of your time and doesn't scale (usually)

Option 2- You (or an employee) has time and expertise to manage campaigns

If you like to do things yourself or you have someone who can manage property management marketing campaigns, your website, and your SEO work for you.

  • What you should do: Learn how to do everything yourself (or have an employee do it for you)

  • Resource for this: Pay for different online training's or coaches to help you create a marketing plan and execute it

  • Benefits: You will get "thrown into the fire" of online marketing for property management companies 

  • Negatives: Do you really want to become a marketing expert, or a property management expert?

Option 3- Expensive Pay-Per-Lead Services (PPL)

With this option there is not much effort required on your end. Essentially give them your card info and pay whatever they tell you to pay for leads, but the leads are usually shared with other local companies too.

  • What you should do: Find a company that allows you to pay for property management leads

  • Resource for this: All Property Management (APM)

  • Benefits: You will understand your cost per lead.

  • Negatives: You will be competing with other companies for leads and the cost per property management lead is significantly higher than normal

Option 4- Leads from your own website

At Goodjuju, we help you to maximize your own funnel so that you can get more exclusive property management leads from your website and build a long lasting lead generation strategy for months and years to come with organic online traffic.

Here are just a few of the benefits when working with us:

You invest in your brand and future: Everything we help you with (from your website to SEO) has a long lasting effect that positions you as the local expert in your market.

Exclusive Property Management Leads: The leads you get from your website are from prospective property owners who want to work with you and are much stronger than purchased leads.

You focus on managing properties, not marketing: Focus on what you do best and let us focus on what we do. Less stress for you and more results.

No time intensive activities required: Save a ton of time by avoiding things you already don't like doing like spending a lot of time networking and prospecting.

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What Do You Need Help With?
We Have One Job. Helping You Grow Your PM Business.

Unlike most digital agencies, Goodjuju only works with property management company owners.This has allowed us to develop a proven and focused system around the specific needs of property managers for getting more leads online with targeted lead generation strategies and tactics.

We take immense pride in being a valued partner and seamless extension of your property management company. We truly believe that your success is our success.


Are you ready for some Goodjuju? Let's get you some leads!

Goodjuju Transforms PM Companies

Hear from our client Seth with Five Seasons Property Management in Vermont and how Goodjuju helped them totally transform their online presence and google traffic in a few short months.

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Property Management Growth Content. Our Blog Is Here To Help You Grow!

Ready to get more leads and grow?

(We'll record a custom video analysis and email it to you!)