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Explained: The Two Different Types of Property Owner Leads for Property Managers

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Each property management company is in a different stage of growth and has different resources, skills, and budget to find new leads. Because of this, it's important for you to differentiate between the types of property management leads and which ones make the most sense for you to target, market to, or prospect for.

Here are the two main lead types property managers will be dealing with

1. Intererested, Actively Searching Landlords/Property Owners


The best leads for property managers are the ones who are actually open to the idea of hiring a property manager and often considering it already.

At Goodjuju, we refer to these as active seekers. These are the property owners or Landlords who are already a little bit fed-up with the stresses of managing their rental property and they know hiring a property manager would help them get rid of this stress and let them spend more time enjoying life. In most medium to large size cities, there are hundreds of these property owners each month who are actively going online to explore their options. This is your opportunity. Be found where they are looking for information.

These are the best leads for target because you don't have to do much sales or convincing, these prospects are already warm to the idea. You just need to have an effective website, and be investing in your marketing strategies each month to put your company in position to be found online where these property owners are searching.

Want to learn how you can do this? Read a lot more info here:

2. Uninterested or Unaware Landlords, Self Managing

This is a very large group of property owners, which makes it exciting. More than half of the rental home owners in America are self managing their rental properties and either are unaware of the option to use a property manager or they just don't trust it.

Although this lack of interest and trust is an obstacle you would need to overcome, it's a more cost effective way to target property owners through prospecting and cold sales, IF (a big if) you have the time, skills, and resources for reaching out to uninterested rental property owners and teaching/convincing them about how a property manager can improve thier quality of life, maximize their rental property, and lower their stresses.

First, you need to understand some of the different things that are important before you start this lead generation strategy and where you can find these property owners.

Are you ready to learn more? Read the in-depth guide here:


No matter what size your company is or what growth cycle you are in, you need more leads to grow your business and increase your reveneue. Determine which lead type makes the most sense for your business and go after them.

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