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There are property owners searching online every day for a property manager to hire in your city

*Amount of monthly online searches for property managers by major cities

As technology further dominates our everyday lives, the value of being found via online search continues to grow

How Do We Get Your Company Found Organically? Optimizing Your Domain for Algorithms The Right Way. 

Our Search Engine Optimization for Property Managers

Local Citations

There are over 200 local business listing websites like Google My Business, Yelp and Yellow Pages. The more consistent your NAP is on the web, the more likely Google will show you for local searches.

Brand Mentions

Search engines like to see that your brand is active and popular. We help you with brand features and engagement to show that your brand is connected with your customers.

Contribute to Other Sites

Creating unique relevant content for other PM or real estate websites with a linked mention of your website is an important trust building signal in SEO algorithms. We work to get you featured on other popular sites.

Local SEO Optimization

Having your local business profiles published and fully optimized is extremely important for Local SEO to get your company found by property owners in local search results.

Technical SEO

Your website pages need to be technically optimized and structured so that search engine crawlers can easily understand what searches your page is relevant for and what search keywords the page is about.

Content Updates

Adding new content and updates to your site shows that your site is not old and outdated. Fresh content and updates sends the signal that you are active and up-to-date.

Writer Outreach

There are many popular and authority websites on the internet who have writers creating new content to publish. Often these writers are looking for fresh in-depth content they can use, and if you help them, they'll mention you.

Online Reviews

A major factor for both building trust and for property management SEO is generating real online reviews from your current and past clients to showcase your proven expertise.

(We'll record a custom video analysis and email it to you!)

What Makes Goodjuju Different Than Normal SEO Agencies?

These two reasons are very significant

We Only Work With PM's

There are 1000's of SEO agencies who work with all types of businesses. When they are working with plumbers, doctors, attorneys, etc, it is hard got them to truly understand your SEO needs as a property management company. Every industry has many specific needs and best practices. At Goodjuju, we only work with property managers and strive to keep developing the most effective search engine optimization and marketing strategies for property managers.

We Cover Both Aspects of SEO

When most advertising agencies talk about "SEO" they only talk about things like keyword research, content creation, and on-page optimization. They fail to cover more important (and difficult) strategies related to off page SEO like white-hat link building, content outreach, business listings, local citations, etc. These are the signals that will really move the needle for your website rankings, and we cover them 100%

Why Are Both Aspects of SEO Important For Achieving Optimal Results?
What sounds better: 50% or 100%?

If you really want to obtain website traffic and leads you need 100% of the SEO sphere covered.  This means that not only should the content and pages on your website be fully optimized, but you also need to be sending search engines the right signals on the web. This is called off-page SEO, and it's extremely important for building brand trust, authority, and popularity to show search engines like Google that your website is important and that it should rank higher.

What is On-Page SEO for Property Managers?
Onsite (or On-Page) SEO is the process of creating valuable, unique, and informative content for you company on your website pages and making sure that it is fully optimized for the ever changing requirements of search engines. Here is what on-page SEO entails:

Unique, Informative Website ContentBoth website visitors and search engines want to see fresh, helpful, and unique content that gives search engine users the answers or information about your brand and services that they are looking for. If your content is thin or not interesting or informative, search engines will not rank you higher.

Intriguing Layout and Design: Laying out your content in a way that is easy to skim and understand is also really important for online searchers. Make sure your paragraphs, headings, pictures, icons, and videos are laid out in a way that flows well and is easy to follow.

Correct Keyword Focus For Each Page: To make sure you are able to be found on Google for the searches you want, each page on your website needs to have the correct usage and ratio of keywords or "search terms". You need to use a variation of these phrases to help search engines understand what each web page is about so they know what Google Searches to show your website for.

Technical SEO Fully Optimized: Every sentence and paragraph of written content on your site needs to be categorized to show the "technical structure" of your site. This further helps search engines understand how to categorize the content on your site. Optimizing site titles, page titles, meta descriptions, headings (H1-H6), and making sure you have a sitemap and robot.txt file are critical.

What is Off-Page SEO for Property Managers?
Offsite (or off-page) SEO is the process of sending the right signals to search engines to help them understand that your brand and website is an authority, is trusted, and is popular. Search engines want to show the best websites and companies at the top of search results, and they use these signals in their algorithm to help determine what websites should appear at the top. These signals include:

Online Brand Mentions: It's pretty simple, the more times your property management company is mentioned online with a link to your website, the more popular you appear in the eyes of Google and Bing. Online mentions of your brand in the form of a link are a major signal in terms of offsite SEO.

Mentions in Articles: When other website articles mention you with a link, this is also a very important signal for search engines. For example, if you are a property management company in Seattle, having another real estate related website link to you in an article with a hyperlink like "This Seattle Property Manager" would be a very strong signal for your website.

Local Business Citations: You probably already know of, or use, local business search engines like Google, Bing, Yelp, Yellow Pages, Facebook, etc when you are looking for information about local businesses. It's no different in property management. In fact, search engines care about how many business citations you have on these sites (there are hundreds), and the consistency of the information. The more local listings you have across the web with consistent N.A.P. (Name, Address, Phone) of your business, the more likely you are to appear in hyper local searches ("property management near me") or ("property management Chicago") for example.

PM Site Business Listings: Similar to local citations, business listings are online listings of your property management business on different real estate focused search engines that gather information to categorize businesses across the US. When you have a link on a respected websites with your business information, it's yet another signal that search engines weigh in their complicated algorithms that determine where to rank your company for online searches.

Mentions on PM or Real Estate Websites/Blogs: When another property management or real estate company references your company on their website, this is a signal that your company is a trusted leader in the niche. Google wants to show trusted leaders at the top of their search results, so getting mentioned in the form of a link on other PM or real estate sites is a major signal in terms of relative trust and authority in the property management niche.

What Are Your SEO Options As a Property Management Company?

Like everything in life, you have some choices

Option 1- Don't do any SEO

If you don't care about being found online by more potential property owners or you don't have any budget for SEO, you can skip it for now and focus on other activities to try and get leads.

  • What you should do: Focus on activities like networking and building relationships with real estate agents who can refer property owners who need management

  • Resource for this: Doorgrow

  • Benefits: Possibly cheaper (but a lot more time required)

  • Negatives: Your competitors who are doing SEO will get further and further ahead of you making it hard to catch up to them later when you decide to do SEO

Option 2- Try to do it yourself

If you are the DIY type, you could always attempt to do it all by yourself or have someone at your property management company do it. It will take time and there is a big learning curve, but it's possible if you dive in 100%.

  • What you should do: Find a lot of resources or mentors in the SEO sphere and learn by trial and error

  • Resource for this: Online SEO courses, Blogs

  • Benefits: You will become an SEO guru (is this what you want?)

  • Negatives: Trial and error, possible costly mistakes, less time to focus on your PM business

Option 3- Let Goodjuju handle your SEO

If you are ready to start seeing some real improvements with your property management SEO and start getting more leads on repeat for months and years to come, Goodjuju has the proven solutions to make this happen for your company:

You are investing in your company: The work we do on your SEO has a long lasting effect. Even after we are finished with the project you will continue to benefit for years

Transparent and track-able results: With the SEO software we use, you will have your own online account to track your Google and Bing search engine rankings 24/7

You focus on your property management company: No need to try and wear more hats than one. We handle the SEO stuff, you worry about operating your PM biz

No time intensive activities required: No need to try learning SEO or pawning it off on one of your team members. We have been doing this for years and know how to get results


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Frequently Asked Questions

How long does SEO take to work?

We show you real improvements every month. Every market and situation is different, but SEO is a long term game that does not typically produce instant results. The long term results are amazing and practically permanent, but you need to be in it for the long haul. Expect real increases in traffic and leads after 4-8 months.

Will I be stuck in a contract?

Nope! Our SEO services are month-to-month and we earn your continued business with real monthly improvements that we show you and you can cancel at anytime.

What does your service cost?

Due to the varying SEO competition from city to city, we need to analyze your situation before we can get you pricing. We'll provide you with multiple SEO plans so you can choose the best fit for your situation, and we'll provide our recommendation.

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