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5 Ways to Use YouTube as a Lead Generation Strategy in Your Property Management Company

YouTube Lead Generation Brainstorm

YouTube videos come up on both Google searches and YouTube searches. Your videos can show up when people search for your company and property management services on these search engines. All you need to do is to find a way to generate property management leads out of the viewers that you get.

1. Go for the most relevant keywords


Before you begin attempting to generate leads on YouTube, your first step should be to find the right keywords to target. You need to perform some keyword research to find the property management related keywords that people use to find the kind of content that you will be creating. Then, you need to get to work to include those keywords in your video topics.


For example, if you were a property manager in Seattle, you might create videos like “How to evict a Seattle Tenant” or “Landlord rights in Seattle”

2. Use the keywords that you find to optimize your channel

When your videos include the keywords that you find using keyword research, those videos are likely to appear higher on search engine results pages both on YouTube and on Google, as long as the competition isn’t too high.


Once viewers arrive on your YouTube channel, you can turn them into leads by including clickable links to your website in the description section. Viewers can click on those links once they finish watching your videos

3. Write detailed, "long-tail" descriptions


Your description can do more than mention a few minimal details. You can put paragraphs of detailed, SEO rich information in the description section. The more you write, the more longtail keywords you are likely to use. It's a good idea to put the most important keywords in the opening sentence so that they show ahead of the Show more button. To find out how many clicks or leads a video brings you, you can put a link in the description section, and add a UTM parameter (Urchin Tracking Module) to it.

4. Include calls-to-action in your videos


An end screen call-to-action can send your viewers to your other videos, or it can send them to your website or Facebook page. YouTube's end screens help you place a clickable call-to-action overlay at the end of your video, or display an end-of-video ad.


You can create these end screens by going to Video Manager, selecting the video that you wish to work on, clicking on Edit and going to End Screen and Annotations. It's easy to choose a predefined end screen template and to customize it to your needs. You can also create your own custom end screen by clicking on Add element, and adding links, subscription buttons or other videos.


If you have an end screen already set up on another video, you also have the option of importing it into a new video using the Import from video button. You definitely want to utilize these calls to action to maximize your conversions from these videos

5. Make sure that you reply to comments


Potential property owners don't always go directly to your website to email you with a question. Instead, they might ask questions, either about your services, or about your videos, within YouTube.


It can help funnel users into the conversion process when you promptly respond to viewer comments within YouTube. You don't need to go to every individual video of yours and scroll down to look at the comments. Instead, you can go to Creator's studio, and click on the Community tab. You'll see all your comments there, in one convenient place.


YouTube has serious lead generation potential. Nevertheless, fewer than ten percent of American businesses run a channel on YouTube. Sooner or later, most businesses will realize how important YouTube is for lead generation. The competition will be tough when that happens. It's a good idea to take advantage of these easy times for your property management business!

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