The Scary Part Of SEO For New Property Management Companies

Today I'll cover some of the misconceptions associated with SEO for new property managers.

There is no doubt that SEO can be a little daunting even for professionals. If you've just started a property management company, you can find it outright terrifying.  


They hear horror stories about people who have spent time and money only to fail, and they don't want to be one of those companies. There are unfamiliar technical terms that sound like little more than electronic jargon.

You've heard all about the different SEO strategies and advertising ideas, but how do you decide where should you focus your marketing and budget?


The thought of defining these terms and trying to unravel this knotted yarn ball called SEO is the last thing many property management business owners feel they have time for.

The thing is that people who understand and function within the SEO and marketing community can't figure out why these business owners are so scared. It equates to someone who spends every day in the swimming pool not understanding why someone else would be so terrified of the water!

Unfortunately, doing good SEO is pretty much necessary for the success of almost any property management company these days and people need to understand it rather than shy away from it.

Here are some of the things that make SEO so scary for newcomers who don't understand how it works:

It Takes Time

Property Managers are interested in results and getting property owner leads. They pour time and effort into SEO and are frustrated that the results are not apparent overnight. SEO takes time and you must craft your place in the industry. Many business owners are looking for a magic formula and unfortunately they don't get it and sell of SEO as just another marketing scam. True search engine optimization is a long-term strategy and many business owners don't realize this in the beginning. SEO is necessary for success and it yields measurable, replicable results which is important in any marketing strategy for property managers. If business owners go in understanding that SEO is a long-term process (6-12 months), then they won't be disappointed when they don't see overnight results.

TIP: To supplement the long term SEO strategy, running some Google Ads is a great way to get a quick influx of leads (although at a higher cost per lead than SEO).


They Don't Like The Options

The thing is that there are only two options with SEO for business owners. They can learn how to do it themselves which takes time, energy, and money... or they can outsource the task, which takes money. Many new PM owners are do-it-yourselfers who are not fond of handing over control of something so important. That doesn't necessarily mean they are interested in setting aside the time and putting forth the effort to do it themselves. There are only two choices and there isn't a lot of leeway with either of them. This doesn't appeal a lot of PM's.

It's Just A Technicality

To those unfamiliar with SEO, it can seem like a difficult task that can only be completed by a major computer nerd. This couldn't be further from the truth, but it is their perception. There are many technical aspects to SEO but there are also many simple aspects that could be completed by almost anyone. The technical aspects are elements that are learned slowly as you build on your foundational knowledge. Many people read a little about SEO and jump to conclusions rather than realizing that its not an all-at-once process. The technical jargon alone can be intimidating to those who don't understand it. However, most of it really isn't that difficult. If you want to TRULY learn the ins-and-outs, expect to take at least 6 months and plan to continually be involved in SEO education to keep up with things.

The Wrath Of Google

Many business owners who are unfamiliar with SEO are worried about the wrath of Google. They want to avoid penalties and understandably so. However, penalties are most often imposed on those companies not utilizing best practices. Companies utilize black hat tactics like buying links and taking shortcuts. Google isn't crawling the web looking for that next unsuspecting company to penalize. Those penalties are in place to deter those who don't want to play by the rules and protect others who do the right thing when it comes to SEO.

Ultimately, newcomers looking to get started with SEO should not worry as much as they do. The biggest thing is to make sure you follow all the rules (which are mostly being honest and transparent). It's when you try to "game" the system that you have to be worried about the penalties. Be honest, be real, do good work, and you should be just fine.

Goodjuju specializes in Property Management SEO and we have been helping property management companies for years. If you are serious about this strategy, get in touch for a free analysis today!

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