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How Property Managers Can Utilize Social Media  for Lead Generation Efforts

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Sales are what keeps your business running, and leads are what it uses to do it.


Leads give your marketing team the information they need to maximize the effectiveness of your advertising budget. If you are in charge of a property management business that depends on local leads, then you need to leverage social media to maximize your property management lead generation. Ads on social media can be targeted to very specific audiences, enabling your business to find the people who will most likely become new property management clients.

Generating Social Media Leads is Easier Than You Think


You can get a steady supply of local leads by spending no more than five or six hours of your time per week. All you have to do is set up some ads targeted by location, interests, gender, and more, and then let them do their work, passively vacuuming up information while you move on to other tasks. Social media platforms also make it extremely easy for you to guide your viewers into taking action.

Local Lead Generation Using Facebook

Facebook has superb demographic targeting. It is definitely one of the tools you should be using. To set up a lead generation campaign on Facebook, all you need to do is make a Facebook page with some kind of a special offer your viewers can easily opt into. When a viewer clicks on the ad, an auto-filled pop up form appears with all the information your marketing department needs already filled in.


Once they click on it, you have a new local lead. You can even put a button on your company's Facebook page that will take your viewers to your company's website, where they can fill out a short form to get additional specials. This form can ask for even more information than you can on Facebook itself.

Local Lead Generation Using Twitter


Generating local leads on Twitter is a little different. On Twitter, you want to add a subscription button for a company newsletter to your company's Twitter profile. You should also use Twitter's website cards, which are special tweets with a title, URL, and call-to-action button. These tools will make it very easy for people to respond to your offers, letting you guide them to a place where they can give you the information you need. On Twitter, you can target your ads by 12,000 local postal codes, 200 metro areas, and also by state.

Local Lead Generation Using Instagram


Many shoppers go looking for new services and products on Instagram. Use geotagging to help them discover yours. To do this, tag your business' location in your company posts. You can also use location-specific hashtags to the same effect. When local Twitter users search for local businesses, yours will appear. Then search to see who is geotagging your business, and get such information as who they are, where they are from, age, and so forth.



Spend a little time every week on social media, and keep the local leads flowing in to your marketing department. By offering your social media viewers a little value, you can easily get the information that marketing needs to grow your property management business.

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