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Life as an American Living in Russia Working as a Digital SEO Nomad!

For many Americans, it's pretty crazy to think that someone would move to Russia for work. So, what's it really like?

When I first decided to move to Russia to be closer to my girlfriend, I was pretty nervous about Russia. There are so many negative stories in the news about corruption, poverty, etc. I had also heard that Russian people didn't really like Americans, and that they would not treat me well.

It only took me about a week to realize that wasn't the case at all. Russian people, once they get to know you a little bit, are often even more kind and friendly than our fellow Americans.

The misconception comes from the fact that Russian people are more straightforward. In America, to be polite (and make things less awkward), we always ask how people are doing and try to make small talk. Russian people see this as superficial and pointless. "If I don't know you and don't plan on knowing you, why would I care to ask how you are doing when I know you will just say 'I'm good, and you?'". I talk about this a little in my Youtube interview with Vasily Kichigin.

When you really think about it, this logic actually makes some sense. I appreciated this about Russian people once I got more accustomed to the culture and the ways of life. Sometimes I do wish that people would look a little more happy and curious, but, it's just a different culture and the Russian people have been through a lot of tough times historically.

Also, I'm from Salt Lake City, UT which is a cold and snowy state for almost 5 months of the year, so the "cold weather" wasn't as much of a shock for me as it would be for someone from Miami or California.

A lot of people don't realize that Russia has cold areas and warm areas. Sochi, Russia for example, is very comparable to Northern California, not the Siberia most people think of when they think "Russia".

Overall, my time in Russia has been amazing and eye-opening. I've learned that it's really hard to make a judgement about any place until you've been there and dove in a little deeper!

Watch the video above for more details about my digital nomad lifestyle and experiences in Russia.

About Landon Murie

Landon's professional mission in life is to help property management business owners grow and thrive. He is also a major SEO and marketing nerd. When he isn't working, you can catch him on the slopes snowboarding!